Friday, October 24, 2008

Another Savory Variation

I know, I know, it must seem as if I'm obsessed with clafoutis. However, with the eggs we've got accumulating in the fridge, I don't know what else to do! I want to make a huckleberry one soon for a sweet version, but today I needed a lunch idea for me and Elspeth, so I went savory--Kale and Garlic Clafoutis. This is a variation of Leek & Bacon Clafoutis.

Instead of the leek/onion and bacon, I did this:
  • smashed 3 large garlic cloves through a press and sauteed them in a little olive oil until cooked but not browned
  • took half a bunch of green kale and steamed in the microwave. then I chopped it up a bit in my mini food processor and added to the garlic
  • sauteed garlic and kale for a few minutes to get rid of any kale liquid; seasoned with salt, pepper and a little nutmeg (not as much as for the onion/bacon version)
  • put kale, garlic mixture in bottom of dish and made the rest of the savory clafoutis as written, again adding 7 eggs
Both of us enjoyed this a lot. Next time I think I'd add 2 TBSP melted butter instead of 1 because it was a tad drier than the onion and bacon clafoutis.


stacey said...

Okay, I'm going to join you at the Clafoutis Obsessives meeting, 'cause, see, I just made my second clafoutis and it was radically different from the first! I made the leek/bacon one last week, and I was somewhat perplexed by your description of clafoutis as flany custardy, 'cause mine just came out like a dutch baby with new flavors. So be it, I thought, it was mighty tasty, and maybe it's because I only made a half recipe that it was thinner in the pan (even though I downsized the pan a bit) and had those big bubble-like folds. So this week I decided to try a filling of leek, mushroom and red bell pepper. I used the same proportions for the batter, just swapping out the veg. The only other changes were that I a) made the batter in advance and let it sit in the fridge, then whirred it up again before pouring it over the veg and baking; and b) used a different dish. Last week I used a straight-sided metal cake pan. This week I used a sloped pyrex pie plate. This week I got the flan-y custardy clafoutis! Completely flat on top, none of the mounds, and thick in the middle, like a quiche. I think next week I'm going to have to try baking two identical recipes side-by-side in the different pans to see if that really does make the difference, or if it was something else. I'm fascinated. (Both were delicious, by the by.)

stacey said...

Different pans do different clafoutis make! Very scientific results here.