Sunday, December 21, 2008

Magical Elixir

I'm trying for whimsical as opposed to maudlin or cloying here, but who knows if I'll quite hit the mark in my mildly tipsy state. We've all had varying degrees of a bad cold for ages, it seems. We keep cycling through them and being hit again just when we think we're improving. We blame it on preschool--that place is a cess pit of germs. I thought I was going to escape, but then I got that funny feeling in my throat again this afternoon. Sigh.

I'm afraid I can't give proportions here, because the key ingredient to this magical elixir, also known as hot toddy, is the fact that I don't make it for myself. Evan is kind enough to do the honors and after I consume it, not only does the incipient throat tickle seem to have faded, but I somehow also seem to be a fonder and more skillful parent and more cheerful wife. Hmm. Magical elixir indeed!

Black tea
Lemon juice
Scottish whisky (and don't be stingy with the measure, I say!)

Mix all ingredients together. Heat up (but don't boil or you might lose some of the 'health benefits'). Serve to frazzled love-of-your-life. Watch her face loosen and become wreathed with smiles. Don't let her operate heavy machinery or kitchen knives.

Happy Snowed-in Sunday!

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Evan said...

A few things I might add, as the elixir mixer:

1) I do two large spoonfuls of honey for a large mug of tea, but you should sweeten to taste. Don't go too light on it, though, or you lose some of the soothing effect of the honey.

2) I use half of a small lemon.

3) Add the whiskey after heating the tea, lemon and honey, and serve immediately.