Thursday, January 15, 2009

Toddler Snacks

Here's another product review, this time for freeze-dried fruits and veggies. What a wonderful toddler snack! They're lightweight and they don't make a mess. There is no added sugar and children seem to think they're great fun to eat. We have been eating Crunchies brand. The only organic ones they do are sweet peas and strawberries, so that's what we eat. (Strawberries have high pesticide residue, so they're worth buying organic when possible). We got ours in bulk from Amazon. They're not cheap, but they're not too outrageous, either. I like the strawberries in my cereal. The peas taste just like a really good, fresh garden pea except crunchy. So glad I discovered these--I feel much better about them than Veggie Booty and the like.

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