Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sugar Duster

This is more of a quick tip than a product review, but I was quite proud of my ingenuity. I don't use powdered sugar enough to warrant dedicating a shaker to it, but it is so messy to use a sieve to sprinkle it onto cakes and cookies. I decided to try using my mesh tea spoon strainer. (It's the kind of tea ball that has a handle on it like a spoon. You can see a picture here if you can't imagine what I mean). Just open the strainer and fill it with powdered sugar. Shake it over your target for perfectly applied whiteness. Then just open up the spoon and put back the excess. I was going to try to get a free set of issues from Cook's Illustrated with this tip, but it appears someone beat me to it (though the illustration shows a tea ball rather than the far superior--in my opinion--tea spoon strainer).

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