Friday, June 3, 2016

Instant Pot Clotted Cream

I haven't posted any other Instant Pot recipes, I don't think, but it's only a matter of time. Or at least I'll give the IP variation on my regular recipes. I got this gem for my birthday and fell immediately in love, so much so that my ravings inspired at least three other friends to buy them! The Instant Pot, for the uninitiated, is a pressure cooker, rice cooker, yogurt maker, rice cooker and more. I can do gorgeously soft pinto beans from dry with only 45 minutes at pressure. I've been making yogurt like a fiend. And the rice it yields is great.

So when I read a Kitchn post about a woman who makes clotted cream by bringing the cream to 180 degrees, my antennae went up immediately. After all, the Yogurt Boil setting on the IP brings the milk to 180 and then you cool to 115 before adding the starter. So I figured there must be a way to bring the cream to 180 in the IP and then keep at that temp for the recommended 8 hours.'

I had a look on the web and didn't find any IP-specific recipes, but this slow cooker recipe  was a great baseline, not that making clotted cream is at all tough if you have an easy way to reach and then keep the desired temp.

I was a bit worried about yield, so I kept warm for 10 hours but I think 8 would be ideal. I had no issues with burning, the IP kept a perfectly fine temp the whole time and I got over 2 cups clotted cream from 4 c. originally and that is enough for me. Even with guests helping us, who really needs more than 2 cups of clotted cream? I'll use the leftover whey to make cream scones. And top them with clotted cream and strawberries and possibly some ganache. How decadent is that?

4 c. heavy cream, not ultra pasteurized


  1. Pour cream into Instant Pot insert and close lid. Doesn't really matter if it's on Venting or Sealing since you're not bringing it to pressure, but I leave on Sealing
  2. Set Instant Pot to Yogurt Boil (press the Yogurt button, the hit Adjust till you see the word Boil)
  3. When Instant Pot beeps that boil setting is done, press Keep Warm button
  4. Leave at Keep Warm for 8 hours
  5. Turn off Instant Pot, remove lid and remove insert to set on a cooling rack
  6. Let cool an hour or so at room temp so it doesn't heat up your fridge too much
  7. Cover with plastic wrap and put in fridge for at least 8 hours. I did 12
  8. Remove Instant Pot insert from fridge. The clotted cream will have thickened a bunch. Make a little hole at an edge so that the whey can get out
  9. Pour off the whey as best you can and then scoop the clotted cream out into a jar or bowl. I got more than 2 cups worth, so judge your bowl size by that
  10. Stir back in some whey if you want a looser texture. You can use the whey to make more clotted cream if desired, or use it it cream scones, biscuits or anything else you fancy
  11. Spread on anything or top your oatmeal with it. The possibilities are endless. Use up within 3-4 days. You could try freezing it if you can't finish it--you wouldn't want to waste any and it may work